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Keep it Khepri

Hosting a marijuana dinner party? Don’t forget the CBD!

Here at Khepri Cafe, we have long understood the benefits of edible cannabidiol products. Our cafe menu includes plenty of CBD infused options, and our shelves are stocked with Higher Healing’s CBD gummies and other Higher Healing products.

But how many of us have hosted a marijuana dinner party?

The Chicago Tribune recently did a deep dive into how to host a marijuana dinner party, discussing important factors like ambiance, timing, and menu planning. Among the best tips in the piece, though, is to make sure you have plenty of CBD on hand in case guests get higher than they intended.

“If anybody gets too high, that’s like my number one thing,” said chef Tyler Nickson. “I have … entirely CBD joints of hemp flower, and people always think I’m crazy for thinking the solution to being too high is smoking more weed, so to speak, but it is!”

CBD has been known to help people come down from a THC high. As the Tribune notes, many THC edibles contain a ratio of THC to CBD as high as 1:1 for that reason.

Since the effects of THC in edible form can take up to an hour to kick in, the best dinner party menu will incorporate the marijuana edibles early on. As the party progresses, shift to more CBD-infused dishes to keep the vibe going and level out the high. For example, serve Khepri Cafe’s Sun Ra Smoothie as an ideal after-dinner treat!

For an even more healthful dinner party, you can include turmeric in some of your cooking. This flavorful spice has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal part of your menu! We discussed some of the other uses for turmeric in a past blog post.

Have you held your own CBD or marijuana dinner party? We’d love to hear about it, and the recipes you used. Share your story on our Facebook page!

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