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Why Americans Need to Embrace Hemp and the Pain Relief It Provides

At a young age, I started to develop severe back problems. I spent years searching for treatments that could help. My doctor’s only solution was to suggest prescription medication which was neither natural, nor without potentially dangerous side-effects. After many doctors, medicines, and therapies failed to bring permanent relief, I realized any pills I took were only a “band aid” offering empty health promises.

There are several popular synthetic drugs used for managing pain. The

medical community’s most prescribed drug to manage chronic pain is Fentanyl, which, according to the CDC, is 80 times as potent as morphine and a hundred times more potent than heroin. It was originally used to make the death experience painless, with the intent of working fast and wearing off quickly.

Unfortunately, there is a black hole when it comes to patient support. As prescription fulfillments end, patients are given little help with reducing the dosage, not to mention learning how to wean off of it. All of this results in more and more people who have become dependent on painkillers.

Fentanyl is also most often involved in fatal overdoses, accounting for more than 28 percent (or over 18,000 people) that suffered fatalities in 2016 according to a recent report released by the CDC. The number of Americans suffering from opioid addiction and drug overdoses has become a serious epidemic.

I have lost people — good, well-intentioned people I cared about — to​ ​opioid abuse. My personal experience of observing addictions and losing a loved one fuels my dedication. This wide-spread crisis is not acceptable to me and it is my goal to help people manage pain responsibly as well as reduce dependency on prescription drugs.

This started my journey of learning everything I could about producing (and distributing) a safe and natural way to manage pain. Through botany and earth’s natural resources I found that the best way for me was hemp derived CBD oil – leading to why ​Khepri Renewal​ was born. Ingesting or applying CBD oil topically, there are no negative side effects and no one can EVER overdose from using CBD oil. It’s not possible to overdose due to where CBD stimulates brain activity.

If you want to receive the maximum results, it is important to find the right dosage for you. See our ​dosage recommendations for guidance. For those of you that want to manage pain in a safer and healthier way, I am readily available to consult and answer all questions by phone or in office.

Real fact: If you weren’t already aware, the life of Prince was actually taken because he ingested counterfeit pills made of fentanyl that looked just like Vicodin. People seeking pain relief deserve to know what is in the medication they take.

Situations like this is exactly why Khepri Renewal takes pride in being as transparent as possible when it comes to the extraction process. We do third-party testing in a laboratory on every batch so there will be no question about the purity or the potency of our oils.

The QR codes on our products link to batch test results. With a quick scan our customers can verify the contents of their pain reliever, and rest assured they will never fail a drug test. This is because CBD oil contains less than .3 percent THC.

And contrary to the myths out there, because it is made from hemp, we can ship nationwide. No medical marijuana card is needed!

Khepri Renewal has a mission to help stop the tragic loss of life from opioid abuse, until one day, it is 100% eliminated. Are you ready to be prescription-free?


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